Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Years

Why the heck are the javascript slideshows popular and AVC Slideshows suck? I want to know! I used ProShow Gold, the premiere slideshow maker, because it was installed (only 30 MB executable ). I was going to download 200 MB of Cyberlink Power Director 7 Ultra for editing when I get around to it. I have the cheesy music, because I don't get comments with my Metallica, Queen, Sasha, Led Zeppelin songs during my slideshow. I have 5 minute commentary. I thought they wanted to see every game clearly so a slideshow made sense for my last November video...

For the non-cheesy music version!

Users collect this on Gamespot. I'm not a cosplay type! I only watched 66% of these once completely thru. The remaining 33% I seen one of hour minimum of all these series. I watched all the war movies 100% from start to finish at least once. I've seen Band of Brothers twice, Pacific once, The Longest Day at least 10 times, Winds of War once, War and Remembrance twice, Tora, Tora, Tora 10 times; The North and the South twice, The Blue and Gray once, and the rest of War movies at least once.

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