Wednesday, October 12, 2011

EFX3 died: 2007-9/2011

When Modblog died in June 2006, I got 58,000 hits for being able to write lots of entries. The successor was supposed to be EFX2. Then I went to EFX3, because of the blogspot import. All the EFX2 bloggers went to EFX3, because they all thought EFX2 died in terms of page views and comments. They didn't have "networkblogs" to save their site, a RSS feed for Facebook. I was the 0.5% who saved my posts from 2002 - 2005! At the, anonymous gave my EFX3 site a 8 out of 10 (too black and white). More of them probably backed up *.XML (wordpress) and went to

What really is the shits is the Waybackmachine didn't snapshot my EFX3 site.