Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Linux Mint Debian 201109 review

There is something wrong with Ebay, everybody sells Debian 6, but not Linux Mint Debian 201109. What's wrong with those people? Somebody messed up knowing there was a Linux Mint Debian 201012 and decided not to wait.

Linux Mint Debian 201109 is an improvement! It is based on the solid 2.32.2 Gnome that is much more responsive and stable over still buggy Gnome 3.2. The old Linux Mint 11 came with LMDE 201109 comes with kernel 3.0.5. It's more responsive and uses less memory than Linux Mint 11.

Right now, I updated Firefox 7.0.1 and that runs great. My HP Printer runs great.

Ubuntu 11.10 comes out tomorrow right and Ubuntu is the most popular Linux Distro. Well Linux Mint Debian 201109 is superior version to Ubuntu 11.11. I have mine loaded with Crossover Linux 9.2.1 and it's great. Winamp runs great. LMDE 201109 comes with VLC 1.1.10, LibreOffice 3.4.2, Xchat, Firefox 6.0.2, The Gimp.

It didn't crash on me yet! It only went to sleep twice for 5 seconds (with Firefox 7).


LibreOffice Draw
Simple Scan


Pidgin IM
Sun Java 6
Thunderbird Mail/News


Movie Player
Sound Recorder
VLC Media Player



I give this OS 9.0/10. Cream of the crop!

8.2 no longer found on ebay until 9.0 is out. PC-BSD is more stable than Linux Mint 201109 Debian, yet these days you can't tell. I got linux, pc-bsd and windows in GRUB booting. Notice that Linux uses 488 MB of RAM and BSD uses 1 GB+. The BSD could run for 240 days straight


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why would you use Winamp through CrossOver if you can run native audacious, which in classic interface (View>Interface) even supports Winamp skins?

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