Monday, September 12, 2011

Windows vs. BSD

Since when was Microsoft Windows 7 a safe option? The rest of the world on UNIX (PLA going FreeBSD and Chinese private sector running Linux), and department stores only go so far as to offer Apple MAC (a FreeBSD UNIX variant) for the niche 6% compared to Windows 85%. Department stores should offer PC-BSD UNIX on shelves, because it does a favor to Department of Homeland Security.

It is the department stores fault for having this inferior Windows7 monopoly and technical expertise retarding the issue. The ZoneAlarm PRO Firewall won't save Americans, because UNIX is so much more advanced, secure, and stable. It isn't safe for US in a cyber cold war with China, Russia, Vietnam, and India.

The cost of UNIX shouldn't be at MAC prices. The government should be handing out PC-BSD like they've done with ATSC equipment.

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