Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Next generation should overlap this generation 3 years

There isn't much else out there. It is Sturgeon's Law and videogames are the 10% on Earth. I am tired of the graphics this generation offers, because it has been 6 years and 1000s of dollars spent on this generation.

If I was to cash out $30, $40, $50. They better make it on DirectX 10.1 hardware. The games look outdated, because it is DirectX 9.0!

The Wii U, PS4, Xbox 720 cannot come out fast enough. I really want some Crysis 2 PC graphics on my TV. There is no bragging rights on the graphics with the current generation. I know the low budget JRPGs next gen will look equal to Final Fantasy XIII.

This generation is a full 6 years old for Xbox 360 and the game consoles are OLD and TIRED. They still sell the PS2 at Wal-mart.

I want the PS4 and PS3 to overlap for 3 years so long as the PS4 is in my house under the TV by December 2012. The PS4 should have came out in November 2011! It's the world recession, and I shouldn't be paying $60 for obsolete graphics. Delaying is to maximize profits and it is sick. The manufactures wait too long. I had my DirectX 11 Radeon HD 5970 for Christmas 2009 showing manufactures delay launch dates for profit! If this is a firmware problem, manufactures should use reuse Xbox 360, and PS3's firmware until next gen firmware comes out. Current gen console / handheld debate is on its death bed as we speak. We talk in circles this year and that is a bad thing!

What I want in the PS4

Cell Broadband Engine

1.5 GB GDDR5


GeForce GTX 470M (GF104) 60 GB/sec bandwidth.



Dual Shock 4

Geforce GTX 470M makes incredible Direct X 11 graphics at some smooth 60 frames per second.

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