Monday, January 10, 2011

Top 10 adventure games

1. Grim Fandango
2. Curse of Monkey Island
3. Obsidian
4. Full Throttle
5. Syberia
6. The Longest Journey
7. Secret of Monkey Island SE
8. Monkey Island 2 SE: LeChuck's Revenge
9. Circle of Blood
10. Myst
11. Mission Critical
12. Shivers 2 Harvest of Souls

Top 50 Based on Poll

Another milestone: I watched both the entire Winds of War (1982) and War and Remembrance (1988) miniseries and I give them a 8.5! The Winds of War was set in Berlin before and at the beginning of WWII, due to the US Embassy at Berlin at the center of the plot.


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