Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Intel and Nvidia will compete in the future ARM PC.

On a big announcement that future PCs will be based on the ARM processor instead of the x86-64 CPU. ARM CPUs appeared Gameboy Advance in 2001 and Sega Dreamcast (ran Windows CE 3) had a ARM7 in 1998. Basically Intel has a 6 year lease on Nvidia's Tegra and ARM-based GPUs. Nvidia has some patients that Intel has. AMD will be something of a Radeon-only manufacturer and have x86-64 to themselves. Windows 8 will be ported to ARM CPUs.


Intel will likely be champion of PC CPUs in the next decade, because Nvidia is on the brink of bankruptcy. I think Nvidia went in Chapter 11 and are in the process of reorganizing.

AMD CEO resigned on January 11th based on this announcement. I guess Intel were hinting this with Larrabee GPU technology back in 2008 before Larrabee was defunct.

It could well be thought back to the old Acorn Archimedes design, most powerful computer of the 1980s, more powerful 32-bit CPU & RAM then the Commodore Amiga 2000.

And need a Iyonix PC with a Intel XScale 80321 (600 MHz ARM processor) and RISC OS 5 for $100!

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