Monday, February 08, 2010

Privatization of electricity is better combined with geothermal

Should the state take over public utilities? no. For decades, electricity prices have only gone one direction - up. Now, in those states that implemented true deregulation, prices have actually fallen - in Pennsylvania by up to 30 percent - due to competition. Exempt from the provisions of our flawed restructuring, they were not forced to sell their power plants or to give up long-term contracts, but they were able to make huge profits selling power to the rest of the state.

Everybody should have a geothermal heatpump and furnace inside their business and home. Heat pumps paid for themselves in 8 years. Geothermal is cheaper than gas! Gas is only needed if I live in Canadian/Alaskan climate when a miniature electric furnace is my failsafe.

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