Sunday, October 11, 2009

President Bush and Amitai Etzioni

Overall, President George W. Bush was somewhat liked by conservatives even though he was a medicare supporting neo-conservative which obviously goes to young and elderly due to no private insurance making a profit on them.

One of the people that G.W. Bush associated himself with was Amitai Etzioni. Amitai Etzioni graduated from George Washington University and was a communtarian. Amitai said that he was trained by Martin Buber in Jerusalem. Amitai said that communtarianism has its roots from ancient Greece and the Old and New Testaments Communtarianism is very similar to Third Way. Communitarians explore such as the balance between rights and responsibilities in society, community justice, multiculturalism, the community's moral voice, and developing global society." The program was a successor to G. H.W. Bush's "Thousand Points of Light". G.W. Bush sought rather than officially designating Communities of Character, use heroes to tell the story.

Communitarianism calls for balancing the rights of the individual with the rights of the community. The government-sponsored neighborhood associations are being used to create the illusion of community buy-in. The government wants citizen buy-in, but they actually manage it by creating their own government-sponsored neighborhood associations and then manufacture consent.

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