Thursday, October 22, 2009

OpenSuse 11.2 mini review

The downside to OpenSuse 11.2 is that there aren't as many games as there was, and some even crash! I don't get Revolution's Software Beneath a Steel Sky or Penguin Command or Super Tux anymore. I'm using it to download the full version of Windows 7 Ultimate (7600) with Kget and the part file is a life saver. One thing I like is the stupid login screen won't appear at night erasing downloads which is again the only brilliance OpenSuse 11.2 has. Why do I have to go to a OpenSuse FTP and look up a *insertprogram*_11.2_x86-64.rpm everytime I want something new to work? Ubuntu 7.1 recognizes every program, but then they won't load for some reason.

Applications 7.0 – where are all the games? And why do I not have a FFMPEG decoder on the DVD yet? Either is very disappointing.
Stability 8.5 – some programs refuse to load like GNU chess...all are games.
Usefulness 10.0 – Got me Windows 7600 free.
Installation 7.0 – had to use the repair installation twice due to kernel panic after the first repair job.
Technology 10 – state-of-the-art EXT4 and OpenOffice 3.1.1 is compatible with DocX.
Overall 8.4 - Leaves enough to be desired. No FFMPEG Where is WINE on here...unchecked at Installation? Who knows. The NV drivers are so/so. The offical video drivers are a lot faster.

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Stable Suse 11.2 review

OpenSuse 11.2 review.

I know I gave the beta a 1 star. I've been playing with Suse Linux 11.2 since November 2009. It saves your butt on laptops. When the Ubuntu 9.1 DVD stalls and Windows 7 giving you HDD errors or DVD-ROM errors during installations; Suse Linux 11.2 will install all three KDE, Gnome and XFCE that almost dead laptop HDD that was formatted on too many times. When that Windows partition really sucks, you can format the NTFS partition in BTRFS in Yast! Oh yeah, OpenOffice 3.1 is already compatible with DOCX, and the Crossover Linux RPM works without dependency hell problems like Ubuntu can! This is my favorite Linux distro! It is as stable as Windows 7 and Linux kernel wont be attacked constantly, because it's Linux! Fedora 12 had dependency problems with Crossover Linux, I had to use the shell version on Fedora....

10 out of 10! Puts Ubuntu 9.1 to shame. Didn't have any of those kernel stalling on OpenSuse 11.2 unlike Ubuntu 9.1.

Servers should go with Ubuntu, because they have long term releases and the kernel is like 2.6.32-25. 25 means it's really "Debian grade stable". The British really know how to do Linux SERVERS. The Germans know how to make it desktop grade!


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