Wednesday, October 08, 2008

What's wrong with capitalism when Australia is #1?

My banner means that like Russia (Putin is obviously KGB) that the US Treasurer is funding our economy which is smiley face facism (liberal fascism) kind of like the USSR. The People's Republic of China said that there would be no tax on businesses if they move over there and here in the US, corporate tax is 2nd highest in the world which is a democrat issue. And then Obama wants to spend trillion dollars on non-nuclear alternative energy to coal and gas, because of his cronies say so. Personally, I also believe he doesn't want to fund Yucca Mountain which is a mandatory government program if you like it or not.

And if we're the last holy place on earth as far as the apex of good goes; why would you diminish military spending? Since WWII, we fought the evil! We can prove this buy feeding 3rd world countries with American food.

Interesting enough, Australia is #1 in the world and they're capitalist. You won't hear that on liberal news. Looks whose building nuclear power plants under labor party leader! We're capitalist too and there isn't anything wrong with capitalism. With Barrack Obama (the messiah), you're handicapping capitalism and the smart people who do it. You have China with no corporate taxes, because Hong Kong, also capitalist-base, told him how to screw up American economy. China listened.

If we don't bomb Iran within months, they'll have their nuke. Then Pres. Bush would be ahead of his time, because there'll be nukes in the middle east like he predicted (besides Pakistan due to there be UN peace agreement) . The black marketing of designs and stuff will be terrible.


Us republicans always had this figure in back of our heads kind of like death itself. It lurks around every so often...a few minutes daily for me actually. Actually you must understand that even though we're all Americans, the other 50% is screwing us young people who have to pay it off. They be democrat and add up all that debt and then they die leaving it to the Boomerang gen to pay cash where its due.

And even more weird is the fact China government offering $0 corporate tax for American companies, because manufacturing moving to China where it's cheaper. They're leaving the USA. And it's a tie in the polls...that's ridiculous to think half of Americans are that stupid. Is it just me that will stand up to this point? Probably!

There is just something wrong with the party that taxes a couple trillion dollars on top of the rescue bill and that Obama motherfucker is still doing this reteric for advancing his career. That's why McCain is the only Presidential choice

Oh yeah everybody including Australia is building nuclear power plants except those silly democrats.

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