Monday, October 27, 2008

Nuclear Power is essential: a matter of national security even!

For nuclear revival to work, you must vote GOP, because one of the primary concerns for nuclear power is where to store the waste. That’d be Yucca Mountain nuclear storage facility in Nevada. Completion date: 2020. Yucca will hold waste for the next 100 years, because it is the largest government project of all time. Barack Obama refuses to fund Yucca Mountain and wants to shut it down, because he is a socialist with an agenda. Sorry, but it’s true that energy wattage will go up 50% by 2030, and nuclear power plants which account for 20% of the nations energy will be retired and he need more nuclear power plants just to tread water here (replace the ones that exist) .

I just caught the first half of CNBC’s Nuclear Option, and it mentioned that the South Texas nuclear site wants to double in size and is one of largest two nuclear reactor site. There has been plans to expand it to twice it’s size so another 27 megawatts which is about 2 million homes. . There are 20 cities who want to be the first to build a nuclear power plant in 30 yrs or face blackouts. Most of our plants have been in operation for 30 yrs and have a full life of only 60 yrs with technology being developed to bring them in operation longer. We’ll need increase in nuclear power, because power demands grow. Nuclear absolutely needs to be a part of the equasion. McCain is the only presidential candidate to empraise nuclear power in this country. The workload for electricity is growing dramatically in the Southeast. This has generated a lot of interest in nuclear power in the US. One nuclear power plant built means the elimination of 11 million tons of CO2 over a coal plant. Nuclear power plants would be to the equalivent of $15 a barrel of gas compared to $120 a gas barrel would normally cost. 96% of the spent nuclear fuel can be recycled into nuclear energy, and the 4% is nuclear waste.

Why is nuclear good? Well, gas plants omit CO2 and prices are incredibly high, coal has all the issues of fossil fuel appliance costs associated with itself, wind and solar are certainly a part of the equation, but can not support sustained power generation. We need a nuclear renniance just to stay at 20% nuclear in the United States. It generations lots of income for schools and government in small towns.

So we need nuclear energy so that is a good reason to vote John McCain, the only man who can build new power plants for us. Democrats are so slow at it, that we’ll have blackouts. And remember now, we have technology (invented by France) to reuse 96% of the spent nuclear fuel.

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