Thursday, July 31, 2008

Update OS day


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Yes, it's that time again. To update my Linux to the (almost) latest and greatest. The latest and greatest is KDE, but I only got KDE 4.0.4 with all the games, applications, word processors of opensuse 10.3 (that was KDE 3.5.7). It's fast, but the screens lag. I also put Gnome 2.24 on it. Well, got to go.

Oh yeah, game update

Soul Calibur IV for the PS3. It's a pretty good game and I like it. It's not smooth with the exception of the drive only being 2x speed. I have an option of putting it all on my HDD which I should. I made to end of arcade with 4 characters already, and I'm going to play story when I have time. I skipped the celebration, because it kicks me where it counts. I always feel I'm hanging like a thread over there. Last week I barely got my work in. I want to say shit that I can't say. My GPA last quarter was a approximently 94% (93.8%)

Game point average is 87% in Buisness and 100% in Windows Workstations.

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