Friday, July 18, 2008

In the name of advancing technology....

Recently, I have undergone re-compression of Band of Brothers with X264 rev 889 and rev 912 VFW. This is over 2 yrs after my last work with the same VFW program with War of the Worlds, SW Episode 2 and 3. I mean I did about 2/3 with rev 889 and 1/3 with 912. I wanted to say I can go through this dawnthing task, because normally it is not wise to leave all those fans on for 96+ hrs straight with my on-the-fly ripping and compression utility which I cracked and downloaded off the internet in 2003 actually. If it aint broke don't fix it. My previous Band of Brothers video was encoded in DivX 5.2.1 and Xvid 1.0.1 I believe. Note: Advanced Profile aspect of Xvid just came online in 1.0

I can show how wonderful it looks at 525 KBps @ 680x410 & 96 Kbps MP3. I think I'll won't encode another movie for a month, because I have no friends to share it with. Randy was sinister not visiting me since his wedding in April!

Oh yeah I plan to drop coin on Final Fantasy IV and XII on NDS. I love the reviews and because I already have Mass Effect on the PC, because the Xbox 360 version was no fun after all those Read Disc Errors exclusive to the game. Maybe that was Microsoft's intention? It's alright. Playing it on my Geforce GTX 280!


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