Friday, November 10, 2006

The Geeky 8800 GTX vs. inexpensive Consoles

I’ll make this short ‘n sweet. Today, I bought overkill graphics processing unit called the 8800 GTX instead of previous choice 8800 GTS and 7950 GX2. Why? WinVista; owning some DirectX 10 game (Hellgate: London). The 1080p PC games make my mouth water I guess.

Now, you budget people (was me, but after reading Geforce 8800 reviews I changed ) would most likely prefer an Xbox 360 due to the $400 investing for 2 – 3 years down the road. I originally thought this way too, but I decided that Xbox 360 wasn’t enough so 8800 GTX and PS3 are included for selection In December when I financially able to buy PS3 instead of buying Battlefield 2142, Gears of War, and Final Fantasy 12 because those games just decrease my spending power and I DON’T NEED THREE MORE. There are 50 games that I never played. Furthermore, I had a N64 since I was 12, and a Dreamcast since 14 so it’s normal to continue the videogame trend.

PC games certainly has big teenager population from my knowledge. Diablo 2 and World or Warcraft is all they ever play (especially Circuit City employees). I played Diablo 2 six years ago too. It is the best selling MMORPG ever! Then you got Xfire (my account: renegadeviking) where young men like to join games in LAN/internet clans and massacre enemies and\or get shot at in first person shooter. The Diablo 2 with this messenger doesn’t work very well. People never join my server. It proves you logged in as many hours as you claim you did in Diablo 2 though which is sort of nice.

Consoles are inexpensive and display low resolutions on larger screens than my monitor (AKA 25” LCD TV over 19” CRT monitor). That’s because it’s sold at a lost, and sells more than any PC model (Commodore 64 emulation doesn’t count) Then I own all these above average games that use most of the “console specs”. Also the 8800 GTX is a legimite birthday present.

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