Friday, July 28, 2006

Job confirmed

The Hartford building hired me yesterday. I’ll start on Monday for $11/ hour in work trials. Pretty good pay. Anywoo, been playing Gran Turismo 4 and forgot how fun it was for a last generation game. Catharton may think that PS2 graphics suck, but they have no appreciation for GT4. You can race pickups! I tried half of the tracks in time trials…used the 2003 Shelby Series 1 for the majority racing my ghost.

Saw the new screens of the new Sonic the Hedgehog for PS3. It’s alright. The cast is from the anime Sonic X. I know how much Sonic Adventure voice acting stunk like rotten milk. Disavow indeed. At least Sonic has got his speed back! If I don’t get a PS3 by December, this game may be a 360 purchase.

Another game I want for PS3 is Resistance: Fall of Man, a first person shooter set in the 1950s Europe. Always looking forward to another Gran Turismo. Problem with PS3s are those may be glitchy when it first comes out like the PS2 in the beginning.

My opinion of the military.

Our soldiers are doing well in Iraq or Iran or Afghanistan despite the 2000+ death count. We got the A1M1/A1M2 Abraham tanks and HumVs with some of the better assault rifles or machine guns. General Motors Defense even makes dumb-mine plows for A1M1 tanks. I don’t believe that they should come back until US is 95% safe from nuclear attack from axis of evil.


Anonymous said...

I think you mean over 2500 dead so far - they are getting destroyed over there man.

Anonymous said...

They not in iran.