Monday, July 10, 2006

Got used 2 PCs!

I got a free laptop, but not as fast as the HP Livestrong….it’s a 2003 model. HP Pavilion ze5170 with upgraded RAM. It was going to be my mother, but I convensed her that i would use it whenever she wasn’t using it for internet. She could take it out of my room whenever. After all it would only be one once every two weeks. Waste of it’s usefulness.

The Windows XP was very slow because it had Norton Firefall and spyware programs on it and the amount of programs so I reformatted the hard drive and now it boots 3x faster than before.

HP Pavilion ze5170 SPECS

• Penitum 4 HT Technology 2.0 GHz
• 512 MB of RAM PC2400
• ATI Radeon Mobile 32 MB DDR1
• Antiglare LCD
• 40 GB HDD

Then I replaced the CMOS battery in the Compaq Presario 5862, and it booted Win98 fine now. Slower then I am use too. The power button is shot. I need to unplug the power cord to turn it off. My version of Commodore 64 (although I have consoles that are older and outperform C64) It still had a modem and no Ethernet card. I had to install one afterwards. It’s slow, but it runs MS Office and Firefox.

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Compaq Presario 5862

• Athlon 650 MHz
• 256 MB of SDRAM
• Windows 98 SE
• 4x DVD-ROM
• 48x CD Burner
Tyan Radeon 9250 64 MB DDR (better then the original Geforce 256 by far)

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Got 2 extra computers. I bought Half-life 2 Episode 1 and Titan Quest (Diablo clone) yesterday after reading online reviewa. I thought a Diablo clone would be more fun than Spellforce 2 (RPG/RTS hybrid). Both got about the same score at

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