Friday, April 14, 2006

Watched Jonny Quest

Randy, I really miss you. You were by friend since BSA in 6th grade. Now, on Good Friday, you didn’t call back. I am only able to play Atelier Iris Eternal Mana. I am approx at the beginning. I learned that you can get free elements by smashing it with a alchemist mace. It’s a high res 2D RPGs with 2.5D backgrounds. The story line is okay. The anime inspired vector art is cute. It’s a story line an average 14 yr old would think is cool. I gave this game a chance because it’s there even if there are much better games.

Yesterday, I decided to watch 1965 Jonny Quest episodes I have on VHS. It’s true you got Jonny, the protagonist, Race, the ex-CIA agent, Dr. Quest, the brilliant scientist, Hadji, the adopted Indian, and Bandit the family bulldog in exotic Cold War era locations. I watched 8 or 9 episodes before stopped playing it. The VHSs is old enough that it gets off track at moments (air pockets most likely). I taped this before it aired on Boomerang during the 3 day marathon sometime in 1996.

There is a 26 episode DVD box set of Jonny Quest for $29.99. It’s even digitally remastered, much better then low-res VHS. I am undecided if I want it because it’s sort of waste. It got good reviews at 1964 is suppose to be the best. I taped all these episodes on three blank VHS tapes on lowest quality. My favorite must’ve been “The Robot Spy” Quite interesting.
1964 – 1965
1. ”Mystery of the Lizard Men”
2. "Arctic Splashdown"
3. "The Curse of Anubis"
4. "Pursuit of the Po-Ho"
5. "Riddle of the Gold"
6. "Treasure of the Temple"
7. "Calcutta Adventure" (origin of Hadji)
8. "The Robot Spy"
9. "Double Danger" (first episode produced)
10. "Shadow of the Condor"
11. "Skull and Double Crossbones"
12. "The Dreadful Doll"
13. "A Small Matter of Pygmies"
14. "Dragons of Ashida"
15. "Turu the Terrible"
16. "The Fraudulent Volcano"
17. "Werewolf of the Timberland"
18. "Pirates from Below"
19. "Attack of the Tree People"
20. "The Invisible Monster"
21. "The Devil's Tower"
22. "The Quetong Missile Mystery" (title card shows 'The "Q" Missile Mystery' for the 1964-65 season's re-run of this episode)
23. "House of Seven Gargoyles"
24. "Terror Island"
25. "Monster in the Monastery"
26. "The Sea Haunt"
1. "Aliens Among Us"
2. "Deadly Junket"
3. "Forty Fathoms Into Yesterday"
4. "Vikong Lives"
5. "The Scourge of Skyborg"
6. "Monolith Man"
7. "Peril of the Reptilian"
8. "Nightmares of Steel"
9. "Skullduggery"
10. "Temple of Gloom"
11. "Creeping Unknown"
12. "Secret of the Clay Warriors"
13. "Warlord of the Sky”

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