Saturday, April 08, 2006

PS2 Emulation!

Yesterday, I went into Game Quest and asked this black guy (working there for 2 yrs) to give me Kingdom Hearts II…the most popular game right now. People like Final Fantasy so they’re treating KH II as any Final Fantasy game.

And I finally got to emulate the rendered cut screen of Final Fantasy X with PCSX2 at 9 fps. It’s not in playable form until 686/786 CPUs are 11 times more powerful then The Emotion Engine. The latest version 0.9 (major release) was on the internet for 4 days.

Download PCSX2 0.9
PS2 NTSC BIOS (put into BIOS Directory)
PSX NTSC BIOS (put into BIOS Directory)

So far PCSX2 0.9 runs:

Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X2
Ridge Racer 5

And I learned that you can dump PS2 game images onto a 200 GB hard drive with HDAdvance 3.0 using a PS2 network adapter while at Game Quest in River Falls, WI. It caches loading times instantly so no loading times are existent. This is supposedly illegal to have because PS2 isn’t meant to be played that way. Sony knows about this because they’re doing a download service for PS and PS2 games the same way. I am sure this makes the experience better, but I am not doing it.

Today, I decided to stay home read how Sony Computer Entertainment may or may not go bankrupted eventually after bank reserves costing them $850 to manufacture each PS3. One site quotes,“ PS3 production pricing at this point has been laid out to be anywhere from $850 - $956 per unit, meaning there will be a loss on each machine of approx $250 - $350 per console sold. If one million consoles sell in the first day of availability Sony will have wiped there entire financial gain for all of 2005 in under 24 hours.”


Anonymous said...

Black guy eh?

Ian's Smashing Good Blog Site said...

Yeah, the god damn niger gave me Kingdom Hearts. LOL.....

Come on I was being non-racist. He was different and pirates videogames. Yeah, i don't relate well to pirates.