Monday, January 10, 2005

Resident Evil 4 in near future

Latest PS2 Collection picture - 220KB (All 62 Games)

1.) Star Ocean 3 - Till the End of Time (Director's Cut Version) (RPG)

2a.) Mega Man (Mega Man Anniversary Collection) (A)

2b.) Mega Man 2 (MMAC) (A)

2c.) Mega Man 3 (MMAC) (A)

2d.) Mega Man 4 (MMAC) (A)

2e.) Mega Man 5 (MMAC) (A)

2f.) Mega Man 6 (MMAC) (A)

2g.) Mega Man 7 (MMAC) (A)

2i.) Mega Man 8 (MMAC) (A)

2j.) Mega Man Battle (MMAC) (A)

2k.) Mega Man Battle 2 (MMAC) (A)

3.) Jak and Dexter (APL, A)

4.) Castlevania - Lament of Innocence (S, A)

5.) Jak 2 (APL, A)

6.) Ratchet and Clank (APL, A)

7.) Ratchet and Clank 2 - Going Commando (APL, A)

8.) Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec (RA)

9.) Final Fantasy 10 (RPG)

10.) Final FAntasy 10-2 (RPG)

11.) Rayman 3 - Hoodlum Havoc (PL)

12.) Tekken 4 (F)

13.) SSX 3 (SP)(RA)

14.) Breath of Fire 5 - Dragon Quarter (RPG)

15.) Xenosaga Episode 1 (RPG)

16.) Soul Caliber 2 (F)

17.) ESPN Football 2K5 (SP)

18.) Grand Theft Auto 3 (RA)

19.) Grand Theft Auto Vice City (RA)

20.) Summoner 2 (RPG)

21a.) Virua Fighter 4 Evolution (F)

21b.) Virua Fighter (F)

22.) Ridge Racer V (RA)

23.) Devil May Cry (S, A)

24.) Toyko Extreme Racer Zero (RA)

25.) Toyko Extreme Racer 3 (RA)

26.) Twisted Metal Black (RA)(S)

27.) Suikoden III (RPG)

28.) Ace Combat 04 (MJS)

29.) Winning Eleven Soccer 6 (SP)

30.) Winning Eleven Soccer 7 (SP)

31.) Madden Football 2002 (SP)

32.) Disgaea Hour of Darkness (RPG)

33.) Kingdom Hearts (RPG)

34.) Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty (S, A)

35.) Ico (PUZ)

36.) MidNight Club (RA)

37.) MidNight Club 2 (RA)

38.) Thunderstrike (S, A )

39.) Onimusha 2 Samurai's Destiny (AF, A)

40.) Onimusha 3 - Demon Siege (AF, A)

41.) Soul Reaver 2 (AF)

42.) Dark Cloud (RPG)

43.) Dark Cloud 2 (RPG)

44.) Grandia Xtreme (RPG)

45.) Arc the Lad 4 - Twlight of the Spirits (RPG)

46.) La Pucelle - Tactics (RPG)

47.) Phantom Brave (RPG)

48.) Wipeout Fusion (RA)

49.) Shadow Hearts 2 - Covenant (RPG)

50.) Sly Cooper and The Thievius Raccoonus (APL, A)

51.) Gradius V (S. A )

52.) Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (RA) (S)

53.) Guilty Gear X (F)

54.) Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly (Director's Cut version) (SH, A)

55.) Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater (S, A)

56.) Guilty Gear Isuka (also Guilty Gear X3) (F)

57.) Jak 3 (APL, A)

58.) Ratchet and Clank - Up Your Arsenal (APL, A)

59a.) Growlancer II (Growlancer Generations) RPG

59b.) Growlancer III (Growlancer Generations) RPG

60.) Star Wars Jedi Starfighter (S)

61.) Grandia II (RPG)

62.) Ace Combat 5 (AJS)

Thanks to Modblog’s Administrator, Gorman, who was nice enough to make a screenshot [PRINT SCREEN --> Clipboard] of W.Bloggar's account dialog box so I knew what the heck I was doing when I imported my Modblog account to it. I added his screenshot to my server for everyone to view. The screenshot was very helpful to me. Thanks Stuff5 for letting me know this program exists. It will never replace the good old fashioned “Add Blog Entry” on the website itself, but that’s my opinion.

copy these settings in W.Bloggar's Settings Dialog Box to post online

I originally was getting Resident Evil 4, and I should stay with my first choice. I believe I’ll buy it for $50 since I can always make up the $50 in two months. Playstation Pocket is retailing for $150 in March. You’ll have to read my next post to see what could happen in the future. I might have to discipline myself after I get Resident Evil 4. The graphics in Resident Evil 4 look as good as Metroid Prime 2 Echoes. The textures are better than Resident Evil Zero which was known for its extremely good horrifying textures amongst Gamecube owners. gave the game a 9.8/10. They have a list of highest ranked videogames and Resident Evil is ranked 4 or 5 at I read off the review that Resident Evil is twice as hard as Resident Evil Zero. That might be a problem, but I’ll still buy it because it a lot of game review sites are saying it is the best Resident Evil ever made. I know I agree with that part.

Games to add to v1.20 videogame list:

Ace Combat 5 (PS2)

Suikoden (PS)

Grandia 2 (PS2)

I found the Gamecube extended hardware review entertaining. One thing that caught my eye was the Flipper would have had 128 MB of (G)raphics (P)rocessing (U)nit DDR S-DRAM if ArtX was absorbed into ATI sooner. ArtX could only offer Nintendo 64-MB in the Flipper graphics chip. If anything, Gamecube is still more advance than PS2. I didn’t know Gamecube used 24MB of 1T-SDRAM. It’s 1 transistor instead of 6 to reduce costs of RAM for it. It’s less costly than normal SDRAM (with six transistors) used in PCs.

Metroid Prime Hunters is coming out on May 08, 2005. It is Nintendo’s first first person shooter for the Dual Screen. I’ve played the demo, and I haven't figured out how to shoot the gun while moving using the touch pad. Anyhow, Wipeout Pure and Ridge Racers are two excellent videogames at launch for the Playstation Pocket.

Visual Basic starts on the 13th for me, and will be an online course similar to Cisco. I’ll be getting my books tomorrow with a blank check, and be sure to share copies of my work because my site is on computers. Typing up code might come easy for me if I happen to have natural programming skills. I am excellent at setting down at a computer for hours on end – this is certain. I’ll only touch the surface of Visual Basic next week. My goal is to become an accomplished network technician or programmer, and I hope I never get mad and walk out. I don’t know – it’ll be fun come Thursday.

This is Ian signing out.


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