Monday, January 17, 2005

Drawn blood for blood test

Yesterday, I had to go to the Doctor for a blood test, and my blood will be sent to my consoler that I don’t like in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have type A+ blood for those who want to know. Yet the bandage the nurse stuck to my arm hurt more than the needle! I’m on medication so the doctors want to find out if it’s affecting my organs or immune system, and the test will last me another 3 or 4 years. I remember seeing LABCORP on the nurse’s shirt. LABCORP must have a super computer that can analyze my DNA in minutes. That’s kind of scary. A computer can read my DNA and terrestrial elements? The 12 hour “fastening” was some what hard to manage, but it didn’t leave me feeling too hungry. The worst thing about it was not drinking Mountain Dew for 12 hours! Guess what I did when I got home? I ate a 14” Pepperoni Pizza, and a 24 ounce bottle of Mountain Dew too. Afterwards, I logged onto Cartharon Electrica. I’m the 2nd highest distributor there.

Three days ago, I drove to WITC in 2 below freezing weather – my windows had frost on them. It’s all apart of being a Wisconsinite and completely normal this time of year. I wanted to burn copies of all three discs of MS Visual Basic .NET 2003 because the school wanted me to buy off The school is with an alliance with Microsoft! Grrrr. I used my negotiating skills and convinced the Visual Basic teacher, Dyane, to burn a copy of Visual Basic .Net 2003. Yay! I was reading the prelude to the book which tells me about the bold terms of programming. A nice feature of Visual Basic 7.1 is the “source code spell checker” called Visual C++ Remote Debugger. I’ve worked with Visual Basic briefly in 11th grade in high school and made a Tic Tac Toe program only to get carried away with my own project afterwards. How can I plug-in the open source GTK 2x compiler into Visual Basic? The answer is unclear to me now. Most people use Visual Basic’s internal compiler. I’m going to find some MP3 VB script that automatically detects WMP’s MP3 codec, and have music playing when my program opens!

Why when I download Tic Tac Toe script from a site to compile it asks me to upgrade to v7.1 so I do it, and the result gives errors! It’s a simple script – 82K uncompressed. Is the Update Wizard dialog box going to give me problems in the future? If v7.1 is truly better than v6.0….why won’t the source compile? My point is I didn’t program the code and if I got it at Free Visual Basic Code – it should work! That’s bugging the heck out of me. My instincts tell me that maybe I should downgrade to Visual Basic 6.0, while another part of me says keep VB7 because that’s what the text book says to use.

Meanwhile, I've figured out that VB makes an EXE file in the BIN folder of the My Project Folder when my project is saved. How nice of Microsoft. No wonder I couldn’t find a “Create EXE” command somewhere on the tool bar.

One thing I’m wondering about my site is why aren’t I an advance user yet? I could go over to Dynamic Drive where that slide-in menu is, and add it too my site any time I wanted too. Yes, I know where Addicted2Yew gets her script. In fact, I tried to have my own JavaScript drop-down menu from the top of the page generated by Xara Menu maker. I have everything it takes to be an advance user is my point yet I am not. I can redesign sites God dang it! I’m talented with Namo Webeditor. I can make things happen. Yet, no body will know because I’m freelancing for free, and working in an entirely different field at the same time. Wasn’t that Template 7 great? I got no help developing Ian’s Quintessential Blog 2x either. I did all the code cleaning and art making for that site including all the writing you see before you. The fact remands that I’m my own administrator of my Angelfire and Geocities sites where everything is my choice.

Well, I went to Toyriffic, I got a really bad welcome at the game store. Let me guess I can’t be talented there. That’s sucks. I would walk out (like I did in school) Anyways, I found the new Zelda game for Gameboy Advance called The Minish Cap. I also choose Legacy of Kain Defiance. I can’t be talented because I played 300+ games in my life. What kind of world do we live in anyhow? I can see that games aren’t the apex of many people’s lives. There is always some gamer with a bigger collection! I found out that the store guy there plays ROMs illegally and doesn’t seem to bother him at all. Okay, that’s what I do, but that’s my little secret which I only tell about here. The point is school will start and cut my playing time in half.

Today, I happen to have 1964 installed on my computer so I went to to find what’s happen’n. There wasn’t anything useful in the last 2 weeks except 1 file – Rice’s N64 Graphic plug-in 6.0.0c. It works for N64 roms, and Rice is the leading contributor for N64 graphics plug-ins for emulators Project 64k and 1964. The couple last versions of Rice’s N64 video plug-in works great – and I was playing Extreme G and Ocarina of Time on my computer. Remember, the plugin makes N64 games look high resolution on the monitor. The Legend of Zelda - Minish Cap is based on Link to the Past duplicating game play which was apart of The Four Swords on Gameboy Advance.

My friend couldn’t make it over this week. He’s the non-geek friend I have. It looks like he’s my only friend now. Previously, I claimed Bob stopped talking too me and Chuck is no longer “available”. I wanted to play Playstation 2 with someone. I’m not mean to my friend. It’s obviously more difficult getting through to him.

Well, that’s it for now.

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