Thursday, July 08, 2004

Streaming my Mp3s to my friends. Works well!

The topic of today is how I learned how to stream audio files to another friend using Winamp through my personal web server. But first I have some interesting news to tell bloggers that I found off Google Groups today. Ever heard the rumor that Bill Gates was going to try to buy Nintendo? It’s true. Bill Gates went up to Nintendo’s President and wrote him a check for 25 Billion dollars (no lie, it’s all over the Internet) to acquire them in the future. Nintendo apparently was so surprised, they didn’t know what to think, so Nintendo’s President says that the company doesn’t need the money. Just think of it…Bill Gates giving out a contract and a blank check. I thought this was a little scary. Maybe I’m wrong and a group of teenagers just posted this news somewhere to make a joke. I like Nintendo Gamecube more than Xbox and Nintendo working for Microsoft? God, maybe they could own 50% of the console market. This probably was in question when Rareware (famous for games like Donkey Kong Country, Goldeneye, Banjo Kazooie, Conker’s Bad Fur Day and Perfect Dark) signed onto Xbox’s 2nd party. Other Rumors was Microsoft was in debate on whether or not to buy out Sega of Japan or Square-Enix. The truth is Microsoft will buy a well known developer in the near future. This rumor has come about ever since Square-Enix (a popular RPG publisher) announced 1 game for the Xenon console late last month. Sega has always developed for Xbox creating their most popular Xbox game, Jet Grind Radio. And more than likely Sega will announce 1 or 2 launch titles for Xenon in 2005. Microsoft attempting to buy out Nintendo was a little wake up call for me this morning.

Today I was playing around with personal streaming software. It was so easy to figure out too. What to know how? First, you’ll need a MP3, any version of Winamp, and Abyss Web Server v1.0 via Sound simple? It is. I’ll tell you how. Once you’ve met all of my requirements, make a PLS file in Winamp, and save it in the HTDOCS directory in the parent directory of Abyss Web Server folder. Create an html file by hyper linking the pls file with any html editor (Microsoft Word or Notepad will work).

Now save the file as ‘index.html’. Exit MS Word, and click on the Abyss executable icon to start up Abyss Web Server. Run Abyss. Now your PLS file is on the Internet available for others to open the playlist. All the receiver has to do is type in http://(yourIPAddres s)/playlist.pls into WinAMP’s URL open box. Now anyone can stream MP3s from your personal URL. The bandwidth of the stream will use the same bandwidth for 1 person as it would 100 people. Cool Eh? I tried this…it works! What is also cool is if you use Quintessential Player to rip the MP3s to the hard drive.

Another way to stream in the audio playlist happened to me days after I played around with Abyss. VLC Media Player 0.7.2 ( can stream any movie, audio stream using it’s easy to understand wizard. In VLC Media Player, click FILE, STREAM WIZARD, and follow the Steps. Step One: First open a PLS or M3U file. Step two: in the Stream Window, check the MP3 box under ‘Transforming Options.’ Don’t forget to put your IP Address in the HTML textbox so it looks like this: ( Step Three: Click Run Stream. Now, I’m sure that this stream will reach another node who’s using Winamp.

On my DVD’s I tried out #1 DVD Ripper SE ( ). I like 1Click DVD Ripper better than this. Although both applications do the same thing. One thing it does do is show all the files on DVD which in 1Click DVD Ripper you need to go through a Wizard to access it. #1 DVD Ripper SE doesn’t allow you to rip the DVDs in a certain amount of chapters which sucks. One plus this program has over 1 Click DVD Ripper is it doesn’t totally lock you out if you don’t have a registration code. It’ll let you rip and compress on the fly 50% of the movie. This is cool if your desire is to legally compress data on your computer free. I’m surprise there aren’t open source software that do this? Maybe there are, I just haven’t came across them yet.

If there were it would be found here -

This is a very good NES ROM site with working links!!!'s/Emulation/NES/RO Ms/NES_roms_summary. htm

Full ROM and BIOS list - YOU NEED TO VISIT THIS SITE IF YOUR INTO EMUALTION! ABSOLUTELY MUST VISIT! -'s/Emulation/ROMs_s ummary.htm - This site has roms for all the old computers plus BIOS for SEGA Saturn, SEGA CD, ATARI Jaguar and PALM OS to name a few!!!!

I downloaded a PALM Emulator off and I got the Palm IIIe BIOS from The shell was in shape of a Palm IIIe, and the BIOS ran Palm OS 3.5. Once the BIOS is running properly, I was ready to try some programs, but I can’t get the Program to recognize a second program. I believe I need to emulate a thumb stick. The removable memory should be a part of the BIOS ROM file I’ve downloaded. I gave up trying to get this to work.

Today I’ve tried out a new Gameboy Advance emulator, Rascal Boy Advance. This emulator does play games, which it should. The Virtual Boy Advance gives better Anti-analyzing to the Gameboy Advance Roms. I don’t know why you need a Game Boy Advance BIOS since all games will work without it. Hmm, it’s a mystery to me. It allows you to record sound to WAV. And than you can of course convert WAV to MP3 if you want. Maybe the future version will let the user compress audio to MP3 or OGG. Rascal Boy Advance is a very small download – only 250 KB. If you want all the new Gameboy Advance emulators, of course. Here is a link to the Virtual Boy Advance Homepage,

- Ran a new Gameboy Advance emulator -

It got really bored today so I went super model searching on Nothing like looking at beautiful woman half naked! In fact I could look at them completely nude, but I’m not. The way I see it I have a better chance at seeing better looking woman in swimsuits than the ones completely nude. Like I said I’m really bored today. I save this hobby for last resort (if all else fails). I would post links on this blog, but I don’t think Modblog would like that very much. Do you?

Tomorrow I may try to get the Dreamcast emulator, Chankast, and search for online demos off Google that’s compatible with it. Chankast emulator can run Dreamcast game ISOs. I know I can find some off Emule, but unfortunately, I have a modem, and Bob doesn’t have high speed Internet yet at his house. I have one place to go to upload huge files and that is the school’s server. Anyways, I am also planning to find Gamecube Demos (DOL and ELF files) that’ll work with Dolwin. Dolwin is the first Gamecube emulator, and I saw screenshots of it running interactive demos like Tetris or Bubble Trouble. It seems that some of the real Gamecube games that don’t require full power of the Gamecube can be emulated with Dolwin. I’ll need special software like Phantasy Star Online, an Ethernet Adapter add-on for Gamecube, and a PSO hacking tool running on Windows. Supposedly it downloads the game through the PSO Internet Browser or something like that. Be patient and read my next entry to see what happens.

I get my information off The site is back online! NGemu was down for a period of 3 weeks. This is the best site if you want to emulate any console. The older console emulators that run Genesis, NES, SNES are easy to find off Google. All I need to do is type in “NES emulator” and it’ll give me a couple hits of working NES emulators. Google is my friend. On most searches - it hasn’t yet me down.

I’ve been listening to Metallica, Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chilli Peppers as well as U2, and Third Eye Blind. I’m taking a break from trance for the minute. Unforgiven is my current favorite song. Then I switched to country music. O-well. I haven’t downloaded MP3s for almost two months. I listen to what I have now.

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