Friday, July 16, 2004

Does gravity make us age faster? The Truth of PSX

Hello once again. Today I’ve been watching Star Trek 8 – First Contact on HBO. In the beginning, the USS Enterprise D goes through a time warp (warp speed in a worm hole going through time into the pass) Actually, ‘The Federation’ was not capable of this, the Borg were) which was also caught in the same worm hole the Borg ship was. So after the show, I wondered about the science behind warp holes and alternate universes. I checked on Google Groups, which seemed to be the most natural place to go, and looked up keywords, Time Travel. I this interesting text:

“In 1963, Roy Kerr, a New Zealand mathematician, found a solution of Einstein's equations for a rotating black hole, which had bizarre properties. The black hole would not collapse to a point (as previously thought) but into a spinning ring (of neutrons). The ring would be circulating so rapidly that centrifugal force would keep the ring from collapsing under gravity. The ring, in turn, acts like the Looking Glass of Alice. Anyone walking through the ring would not die, but could pass through the ring into an alternate universe (or “time bubble”). “

I heard somewhere that if you take a spaceship around the sun and return to earth, space time would have speed up, thus returning to Earth 50 or even 100 years in the future. This only suggests that a portion of space and it’s clock is slower although astronauts in that space would not notice that time around it is faster. This potion of space is known as a time bubble. Somewhere on the Internet I’ve heard I would live longer on Mars because it has less gravity than the Earth. We know there have been remains of organisms on Mars that remained there because of the desert like atmosphere. Mars is much colder than on Earth, minus 200 degrees in some shadowy areas, and plus 200 degrees in the sun. Rain falls from the sky when gravity obviously does this. Plants die because their strength can no-longer support the gravity pulling on it every minute of every day. Maybe our solar system is in a time bubble in our galaxy. This would explain why our evolution was so slow. This part I understand better. The Sun, of course, is a very large magnet which makes Earth spin counter-clockwise. What would happen if the Earth would spin clockwise instead? Would the earth stay the same, and the winds would go in the opposite direction. If Yes, technically speaking a worm hole shields the spacecraft outer layer from aging, and also protecting it from damage. A worm hole is thought to be two different things. The most popular theory is a passage through space to deliver anything that passes through it to another portion of space instantly. The other, less popular theory, is the thought that once passed through a worm hole, a spacecraft would go through time into the future and reopen in the exact same position as when first it opened, but in the future. The complicated part is how one end closes when the other end opens. And the possibility that a worm hole will open at several time periods while a spacecraft is in the worm hole. The idea of this is while time stays still in the worm hole, time at the end of the worm hole will be at a different time and once out of it, a spacecraft or probe would re-arrive at a different time period thus arriving in the future. I suppose I can’t comprehend how time bubbles or worm holes can go back in time. It’s against all known laws of science. We must first have a past that has been ‘breached’ in order to have an alternate future even if it’s for a few seconds.

So how can we travel through time if there isn’t a way to speed up or slow down time without aging, even in our solar system? We can only travel through space at low speeds (below light speed). NASA will not invent light speed in my life time. That’s the way I see it. How we’re going to do it? I don’t know…it’ll take a genius or two to figure that one out. In Star Trek, the movie, First Contact, makes it very simple, just jump in a worm-hole and travel through time with my 23rd century spaceship into your 21st century world. They didn’t explain though how the Enterprise D, with it’s 23rd century technology and crew, still existed in the pass if the future hasn’t been created yet? And in the pass, how did the Enterprise D create a wormhole if the Borg created it, and the Borg spaceship was destroyed? See, the film doesn’t show you these parts for whatever reason. I think who ever did the visuals watched “Back to the Future”. The idea Data (he’s the android in the Next Generation) had about the starship temporarily existing because the starship was in the worm-hole in time before the time continuum of the future disappeared was genius. Albert Einstein said something about this in his theory of black holes in his theory of relativity. Don’t miss understand, I give Albert all the credit, I am simply using the theory of relativity to further reference my worm holes.

Okay, enough details about time bubbles and Star Trek. While doing research for my personal webpage, Ian’s 512-bit Generation News Page, I learned from that Nintendo plans to use thumb operative touch pads on the Revolution's controller. This will work like how Tom Cruise moved his hands across a large transparent pad in Minority Report. These could be implanted for the joystick for an example. I don’t know which way Nintendo’s going to do this. The company, Nintendo, decided to put money for motion sensing into Gyration, which did the motion sensing in Minority Report, according to Thank you IGN for giving “us” (gaming community) this information. It helps for me to guess why Nintendo thinks “different” from Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo is thinking different, they said so at E3. We know Nintendo’s not going to invent a console with really good graphics, they are going to create a console that looks better than Xbox and instead spend the extra money for extra features like touch pad controllers. Nintendo are the same they always been….not directly in competition with Sony and Microsoft. The Sony and Microsoft way of thinking is graphics provide the graphical horse power while the developers take advantage of it, and try to amaze people for a couple of years. The idea is really, really straight forward. The current generation controller has enough buttons to do the job, if only it could be a revolutionary shape. All the next generation consoles need a controller with air conditioning in my opinion like my Nyko Airflow PC game pad.

Anyways, ever hear about Nintendo Playstation? I know - how could Nintendo own Playstation? Actually, Nintendo was going to create a CD-ROM for SNES called SNES CD developed by Sony. It sounded interesting to me two. I heard from Bob that Nintendo helped develop the Sony Playstation, but never really thought much of it. So I came across this Nintendoland article. Nintendo partnered with Phillips before and this deal stood so we had some Nintendo games on Phillips CDi console. Sony manufactured the SNES sound chip, so Nintendo couldn’t tell Sony that the partnership didn’t exist….it had to exist. So in 1988, Nintendo and Sony were developing the prototype of the N3 or Nintendo Playstation. Sony had the rights to all the cd games though. When the console came out in Japan in 1994, Playstation COULD NOT play NINTENDO GAMEs. So Nintendo fired Sony and Sony kept their Playstation concept in the end of ‘92. In a way, gamers could have seen Nintendo games on the Playstation. Game developers where already using the Playstation platform for their games, so they naturally took the Sony route. To read the full article, go to: http://www.nintendol...m/home2.htm?history/ I don’t care because I own all Nintendo consoles except one, and all the Playstations, so what do I care what happened with Sony and Nintendo 12 years ago.

Wall Street predicts Nintendo and Microsoft may have trouble selling next generation consoles in 2005- 2006. Sales of games for the older consoles will have declined. This makes perfect sense though. Would you buy a “last generation” game when the “current generation” just came out with games for it? I wouldn’t although some people might. Also, there are plenty of videogame merchants around to sell used games to you at lower prices than the one’s you buy new at Best Buy or Wal-Mart. Most people take good care of their games, and they sell them in good condition. I have some used games I can’t tell that they had a previous owner (the DVD case is in good condition). I had 3 DVD cases that were in “near mint” condition. In terms of game cases, Nintendo makes the best game cases, Microsoft comes in 2nd for case quality (flimsy, but hard to bust cases), and PS2 comes in 3rd place making the worst case (these get chipped very easy if fallen on concrete floors – I had this happen to me – my case got chipped off and won’t close well). Right now I played just about every game I wanted to play. I have most of the greatest hits for all the consoles. I have a feeling that in 2006, I’ll only own one next generation console. The console is not a problem, but buying games is. I already know that new Revolution games are starting out at $50 bucks. Don’t they always – it’s like a tradition.

I wasn’t working on my personal webpage today, but I found out 90% of my photo gallery’s links are working. This way you can see more of me. Here’s a link for easy access http://www.geocities...s101/gallery_v4.html . Right now I’m thinking of updating the broken links, and all the pages in version 4.0. I may even change the color theme to something else – such as blue or something. Or I can leave it as it is depending on what mood I’m in. Everything at nightwalkers101 is backed up on CD. Since November 2002, all the changes – all the templates – everything!

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