Friday, August 15, 2003

New freeware games

did a couple things added to m y website. I just got a Playstation 2 three days ago. Why don't I do that. Well I got a bunch of CDRs so I can burn software on it. CDrs aren't really expensive right? So I can download as many as I want. So I found this website off google. Here are some top picks
  • ParityShot 1.9 - A free side shooter with really good graphics for a free ware game. You play this girl on a broom and she shoots other witches and cats. If I didn't know better this game was based off Salor Moon. It plays well. Plenty of powerups. And the game is anime based. Game developed by Crane Software. It's a realy good game!!! The first level is easy. The second level is a bit harder. There are 3 difficulties in this game. And easy isn't easy. Although it might look cute, it's really a hard game to beat on the hardest setting. Download it, you like it, honestly. Only problem is the website is in Japanese. So look for a link that says something like "" on it.
  • Super Mario XP - A Super Mario clone with has a pinch of Castlevania (looks like another Super Mario Bros Game except it's darker. I played it and it's really good.
  • Little Fighter 2 - A combat game featuring fighters and you must be the last one standing. Much like PS2's, "Bouncer." At first you suck at it because the other fighters kick your butt but if you seem to know who to punch off first you'll get though stage 1. The ones who died are out which means game over for you..

I found some compression tools today. One did not work on Geocities though. One didn't work with my website at all. One I really, really liked.

  1. Shrinker 1.2.1 This little program does a big job and works with all webpages because it does't zip any files like the others do. This means the page doesn't have to de-compress once loaded. I had trouble with de-compressing html on a iMAC because they were too slow to process. This is what I'm using on my webpage right now. For a long time I didn't use any html decompression and I realised that I only had 3.0 MB left on my server and had to do something about it. Shrinker Lite is the best program because it is FREE to use. The compressor compresses page on average 40% on a normal webpage, 60% if it's really long like my review pages. But how small do you want your html anyway. It will still take less time to load it then normal, no side effects. You can view the compressed format in Dreamweaver so to problem there. And it has no de-compression loading times like the other two I'm going to review although they compress up html 80% their orginal size. I love this program. Webpage builders must have this unity. Only a 600KB download.
  2. HTMLzip is adware meaning it'll put a banner on the bottom of your page. Not mad, when you compress just click yes and it'll be yours forever! This program does a good job compressing files for 60 to 80 percent the orginal size of the html. One problem is that you can't edit the compressed files because they are encrypted in compression code so compress these files in a different folder. I like this because it has more compatibility with html then any other HTML compression unity out on the web! But the compressed html it shows may show up invalid in some file transfer protitols like what Geocities has. But on a regular FTP Client it should work 100%. HTML should de-compress in a matter of seconds after it's fully loaded.

After this was all done it cut a couple MEGABYTES off my server! It was well worth the download!

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