Monday, August 25, 2003

College started today for myself. It was a new experience. But seriously, how many people go to college, once in their life, right? And I am going to take Math, Writing Concepts, and micro operating systems. While college is going on, my play time is cut in half. I can't play videogames no more. Gotta get organized so I can pass Math. CISCO I and II starts next summer, which means because I took only CISCO I this summer and got a passing grade on it, I may have to take it again because I didn't quite make B+. He did say congratulations to me though. I'm still playing Legend of Dragoon. I got pass the Divine Dragoon on Disc 3. Anyone who played this game knows that the Devine Dragoon was hard, but I have put the best armor in the game on Dart, the Armor of Legend. All I had to do to defeat the Devine Dragon was to hack away at him and keep my health percentage high. Disc II seemed to go by fast, and disc III seems to go by even faster. I only spent 5 hours on this disc. I spent 9 hours on Disc two and 14 hours on disc one. Disc 3 is full of cinematic cut scenes. I went to Wal-Mart and bought :

  • Gran Turismo 3
  • Jak and Dexter
  • Twisted Metal Black

Three days later I bought 4 games at gamestop ....

  • Final Fantasy X
  • Breath of Fire - Dragon Quarter
  • Midnight Club

The Final Fantasy X review is already online, so read it. I try to make it flawless as possible. So far the game is really interesting. The game has more cutscenes then I've seen in any game before. The battle system is unlike other Final Fantasy times, which were slower, this one is faster.

I'm in Networking Electrical for one on my college course. And I realized that everyone there had previous hands on background with big machines. Our teacher isn't your average teacher. He gives us work that is easy to figure out. We're supposed to work with amps and volts when we currently work in, whats called the POP room or mainframe of where all the network wires go. This is going to be my job. Networks are very complex. This means I will have to deal with all these hot wires and the only thing that is between me and the wire is a circuit breaker inside a meter. It will be quite interesting what will be the turn out. I have yet to meet anyone in the class.

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