Sunday, February 06, 2000

William Shakespeare

Dear William,

I have always been a great fan of yours; however, I often wonder what compels people to see or read your artistic work. Could it be your timeless themes that resonate with people or is it your masterful exposure of people's feelings in such matters of love, death, anger, ambition and or any familiar bonds that can happen to one self. Having said this, I wish to share with you my enjoyment and contemplation that I had when I read your poem “Let me not to the marriage of true minds”. I felt your sonnet was brilliant. Your chosen words speak volumes about that perfect love.

I was impressed with your first four lines in your poem. I feel true “love is not love” (line 2) if it is full trepidations or difficulties that cannot be resolved. True love should embrace trust and understanding in a relationship. I believe love should be steadfast and strong and “not alters when alteration finds / [o]r bend with the remover to remove” (line 3-4).

You have 'spoken' the words why love is “an ever-fixed mark”. (line 5) Love is a feeling that defies logic and common sense. It is an intangible source of energy that radiates to another. It has no boundaries. It shows forgiveness and becomes supportive. It is not shattered during crisis. Love is a mystery in its self, where the “worth's unknown”. (line 8)

“ Love is not Times fool”. (line 9) How true this statement is. Love has no duration, not even in "brief hours and weeks”. (line 11) There is no time frame for love, it is eternal. I cannot pluck it out of my life. Once it manifests, there is nothing that can move or change its existence. It becomes part of the 'self'.

As you can see, your poem resonated a soft spot in me – the meaning of love. Not to be curt, I will not debate the "error and upon me proved;" (line 13) with your truths expressed in the poem, for it was done in a very favorable fashion. You deserve an applause, and I thank you.

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