Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Alien Invasion in September 2017???

Alien invasion in September 2017 could bring an end to humanity. This is apparent from a leaked conversation between the Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin.
World War III may be in the news currently, however, there is a different side to it. For the first time, the upcoming World War may not be fought between the countries, but between aliens and humans.
According to a report published by Daily Star, the American space agency NASA recently witnessed a huge fleet of UFOs entering the solar system, with an aim to target Earth. The agency further predicts that alien invasion may take place in Sept. 2017, when humans would finally get to see how aliens look like.
The report further suggests that a highly confidential matter was discussed between US Vice President Joe Biden and Putin. The leaked document of the conversation revealed that they both talked about tackling aliens and to build a missile defense system against them.
However, NASA has not yet confirmed about witnessing any unusual phenomenon in the sky or actually seeing any extraterrestrial activity in space. In addition, the US and Russian have not confirmed having any sought of conversation about aliens or World War III.
The publication reports that the message about alien invasion was originally drafted by Obama himself and Biden only delivered it to Putin. The urgency of the message can be realized from the title of the leaked clip, which says "US warns Russia 'Aliens on Their Way, Will Be Her in 2017."
Meanwhile, the Gamer's Drop reports that the Pentagon is highly interested in knowing more about the fleet of UFOs that has entered the solar system and could potentially attack humans on Earth. NASA, on the other hand, seems sure about the fact that aliens would not reveal their reason for visit, until they finally arrive on Earth in Sept. 2017.

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