Thursday, August 18, 2016

Nintendo NX now features Tegra X2 chip (almost as powerful as PS4)

the upcoming releases of both the Nintendo NX and the PlayStation Neo, there has been an interest in how the two will stack up against each other. And while each generation of the Sony PlayStation has been known as one of the most powerful consoles, the Nintendo NX is set to arrive with the dominant Tegra X2 Chip.

According to Segment Next, individuals working on the NX project have confirmed that the console will come powered by a Tegra chip. However, the publication claims that it will not be the X1 Chip, as previously thought. Instead, it will come with the more powerful Tegra X2 Chip, which will definitely set the Nintendo NX up on a powerful platform.

The X1 chip was first released in 2015 and was packed with four ARM Cortex A53 cores. In addition, it also had a Maxwell-based graphics processing unit. On the other hand, the Tegra X2 Chip will arrive with four ARM Cortex A57 cores and two Denver 2 cores. Further, it will make use of Pascal architecture for its GPU. With the chip in place, the Nintendo NX will have faster communication between its central components. That is, its CPU and its GPU.
The Tegra X2 Chip is also being called the Tegra Parker, or Tegra-next.

The Tegra X2 reportedly features a quad-core ARM Cortex-A57 cores, plus two additional, smaller cores as well.
But it’s on the graphics side where it’s really impressive: the Tegra X2 features a graphics chip built using Nvidia’s new Pascal architecture, which powers the recently released GTX 1080 and 1070 series of graphics cards.
The increased power will also bring along better battery life, since it’s optimized for mobile and is built on a 16nm process.
All in all, the new Tegra X2 is said to be almost as powerful as the Xbox One and PS4.

Release Dates
The Nintendo NX is expected to arrive in the market on March 2017, $250 - $350 price range. Meanwhile, the PlayStation Neo is expected to be launched on September 7 at an estimated price of $350.

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