Saturday, November 01, 2014

Downloaded Sega CD

I downloaded Popful Mail, and Shining Force CD, because they cost $100 each.  They would play in Fusion on PC.  Popful Mail was a great Sega CD game from Working Designs.

Robo Aleste is a lot cheaper, but I have MUSHA for Sega Genesis.  I found a DVD with my entire ROM collection on it.  Roms cost nothing and you save money on expensive videogames.  The hacker community knew our salaries were staying the same or going downward. There is always price gouging.

Owning the rom is better then seeing people go bankrupt on Youtube and having to sell their collection to pay off bank debt from the 3000 games he owns.   I have a 1500 ROM game collection that fits on a DL-DVD. Half of these ROMs are already on SDcards  Gamepark Cannoo and JXD handhelds.

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