Sunday, September 22, 2013

$2000 MAME cabinet doesn't make me friends/subscribers.

I got 30 mame roms and 20 Neo Geo AES roms on my computer. On Ebay, MAME cabinets sell for $2000. That is five playstation 4s!

I've been using MAME32 on my computer since 2005 and playing classics like Marvel vs. Capcom, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Marvel vs. Street Fighter, Battle Balkraid, Gunbird 1, Gunbird 2, and Mars Matrix. I honestly do not believe I would make more friends having a MAME cabinet. Arcade cabinets are expensive and MAME would save money, but I cannot get friends out of buying one. Absolutely nobody online or in the real world has been hyping MAME in the 8 years I used the emulator. I know if I had this in the 1995, I would be cool, but this is 18 years later after arcades went out of business. I own two GP2x Caanoo, and JXD s5300 at home which emulates games resulting in a couple 100 hits of youtube. I doubt a MAME cabinet would make more views than my GP2x Cannoo preview.

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