Saturday, May 04, 2013

Bought Star Trek Deep Space 9

Today, I got Star Trek Deep Space 9.  I only watched it a little, but not as much as Star Trek The Next Generation or Voyager.I saw this series when it first aired and I have seen it in syndication many times since. I even watch it now on the Spike channel. It is by far one of my favorite Star Trek's or any TV series for that matter. The last few seasons were especially exciting. It is amazing how you watch the characters grow over the years. I can't say enough positive things about this series. Sisko, Nerys, Odo, Jadzia, Worf, Quark, Bashir, and Garak added wonderful characters that really made a difference to me. The guest stars were great too. The directing, cast, stories, sets, music, and the rest the production are first class all the way. If you are a fan of SciFi and not buying a number of other TV series, buy this set.

Now that said, I would like to say Paramount needs to be slapped up side the head for being so greedy, and that is saying it nicely. I can buy a season of ANY other Non-Paramount series for half or less the price. Why are you making us fans of Star Trek suffer? Do you think, oh they are Star Trek fans, they will pay anything? Give us some credit. I am not buying this series unless you lower the price. I bought all the original Star Trek series and even three seasons of Next Generation. But after spending over $650 for six seasons I realized this is absurd. I bought six seasons of Stargate SG-1, a great series, for under $300 with tax. Here's a concept Paramount, sell it reasonable so you will make more sales and your customers will appreciate you.

I decided to go ahead and get this set since they at least give a break for buying all seven seasons together. Do not use Amazon overnight or two day shipping unless you are home all day. I paid for two day shipping but I didn't know Amazon would insist the package be signed for in person. UPS took four days to finally bring it by when I was home after work after they said they couldn't except a signed receipt and I then told them to come after 5 PM.

This set is FANTASTIC. Even better than I remembered. For some odd reason my wife and I thought the first couple seasons weren't all that good. Now that we are watching them again, we are very impressed with all the episodes. The only thing I can figure is at the time they were originally shown we were more interested in TNG since they were exploring space and we thought a space station was not as interesting. Seeing them now I realize that was just not true and we did it an injustice thinking that way.

Ten Favorite Episodes

1.Duet (first season)
2.The Way Of The Warrior (fourth season)
3.In The Pale Moonlight (Sixth Season)
4.The Visitor (Fourth Season)
5.The Seige at AR-558 (Seventh Season)
6.Trials and Tribble-ations (fifth season)
7. ...You Are Cordially Invited(sixth season)
8.Looking For Par'Mach In All The Wrong Places (fith season)
9.Take Me Out To The Holosuite (seventh season)
10.Far Beyond The Stars (sixth season) 


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