Saturday, January 12, 2013

Solution to Internet Explorer

Does your Internet Explorer always fail you?   Cannot open a tab, and  cannot download anything. If I do IE crashes and the tab switches to a message that says, "Internet Explorer has closed this webpage to help protect your computer."

Open up a command prompt and type ftp and hit enter. It'll ask you for a user name, which is anonymous, and a password which you can just leave blank. You should now have an ftp prompt.

Now you'll need to change the directory to the one that contains the firefox installer we want. To do this, type cd pub/ and hit enter (or if you want a different localisation change the en-US bit).

Now we tell the client we want to grab a binary file, simply by using the binary command. We then change the local directory the client will download the file to, which we do by entering lcd C:\ (or wherever you want to put the file). Oh, and we're also going to want to know that the file is downloading, so use the hash command to instruct the client to print a # for every 2048 bytes (which will fill your command prompt with 3600 or so hashes).

All we have to do now is grab the firefox installer, which we do by typing get "Firefox Setup 18.0.exe" and watch your screen slowly fill with # symbols.

It'll let you know once the file is complete, and once it is simply type quit to close the connection and exit the ftp client.