Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bought Star Trek Voyager complete series

I was a fan of the Star Trek Voyager in 1995 - 2001 and I have many episodes in Xvid off Limewire long time ago. Thanks to a Canadian, I have all seven seasons. This was fascinating for me as a kid, all this 24th century technology. Star Trek with James T. Kirk seemed so outdated culturally. Hollywood is talking about a post-Voyager series. I got this set $80 cheaper by waiting over the brand new Amazon price. I'm a little bit interested in the next Star Trek series whatever that may be? In case you're wondering, I already have Star Trek The Next generation complete box set from 2009.

I imagine this new series will incorporate technologies like Quantum slipstream drive. It will take place after 2381 when Starfleet upgraded slip stream drives. The new series should have Vesta-class starships in it. The relaunch of Star Trek Voyager by Kirsten Beyer seem to be better series than Titan, Next Generation, Destiny, and Typhoon Pact series.

Here's my favorite Star Trek Next Generation episodes.

1. "The Best of Both Worlds"
2. "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II"
3. "Yesterday's Enterprise"
4. "The Inner Light"
5. "Relics"

Top 10 Voyager episodes


This episode starts with Chakotay and Harry Kim finding the frozen remains of Voyager and her crew on an ice planet ten years after their less than triumphant return to the alpha quadrant. This one is awesome because it forces such speculation from the viewer as to how the disaster occurred, and you just can’t beat a cameo by LeVar Burton as Captain Geordi LaForge of the Starship Challenger.


Blink of an Eye

In this one, Voyager comes across a planet whose relationship with space-time makes time on the surface pass faster than the rest of the universe. While days pass on voyager, centuries pass on the planet. Voyager becomes trapped in orbit, which causes geological problems on the surface. My favorite part of this episode is how the due to the constant presence of Voyager in the sky, it takes a place in the alien society similar to that of the moon in ours… inspiring operas and a space race as they become more advanced.

3. Year of hell part 1&2

Voyager encounters a race with a weapon that allows them to erase anyone or anything from history, altering the timeline in their favor. Voyager promptly gets beat to hell by the alien race and over a year, Janeway builds alliances to stop them and restore the timeline to normal. A great episode for those that enjoy bits about how time travel and changing time lines work in the Star Trek universe.

4. Equinox part 1&2

ver since Voyager Premiered, much of the Fanfic had revolved around the concept of Janeway encountering another Starfleet vessel in the Delta Quadrant. At the end of season five, fans got their wish when the Voyager received a hail from the Starship Equinox. The captain of the Equinox has made much darker decisions than Janeway had to to keep his crew alive, and is determined to get them back home at all costs. When Janeway discovers how far he’s strayed from federation ideals, she vows to bring him to justice.

5. Hope and Fear

When Paris and Neelix return from an away mission with the mysterious Arturis, who helps them decipher a coded message from Starfleet that seemingly offers the crew a way home via an experimental ship called the Dauntless. It turns out to be a trap, as Arturis blames Jameway for not allowing species 8472 to stop the Borg before they could assimilate his world. It’s one of the few where Janeway is forced to confront that her actions can have a down side for those in the Delta quadrant, and one where Seven of Nine admits that she may not want to continue her quest for individuality. A lot of focus is placed on the Seven/Janeway relationship.

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