Tuesday, May 10, 2011

George Washington @ Minnesota History Center

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I saw George wax models, mount vermon, some guns from the French and Indian war, some native american attack on a fort in the french and indian war that he commanded after some General died. He was the British General's Secretary. He became President and died 3 yrs after the presidency.

The Minnesota History Center had LCD TVs showing chapters of a History Channel documentary of George Washington.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

There was a nice World War II exhibit on display. My grandfather was in the Civilian Conservation Corps, because he was the youngest before becoming drafted into company that didn't see action. There was a CCC uniform. There was a fake movie theater, a drug shop, a 1945 Ford car, a marine carrier vehicle. an interactive B29 Stratofortress simulation that crash landed (with three paratrooper survivors) as a ride.

It was overall alright way to spend the day. I also spend the other half looking at King Tut jewelry, artifacts, busts, statues at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Saw some dinosaur remains.

Our family always likes this to explain the war.

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