Saturday, February 19, 2011

Playstation Portable 2 is more bang-4-buck over 3DS

If the games are going to be priced at 3DS levels ($40) or the Playstation Portable 2 cost $50 more ($300), this would theoretically make PSP2 a better deal over Nintendo 3DS. What needs to happen is any good 3DS title gets ported over to PSP2. The PSP2 has one more core than the Xbox 360, more RAM (1 GB GDDR3) than Xbox 360, a gpu that does possibly openGL 3.2 (PS3 does openGL 2), TV hookups (3DS don't do this), games on SD cards!, OLCD screen. PSP 2 may have WiFi chat, Gecko engine web browsing, PSnetwork chat, mp4, m4a, mp3, slideshow, ebook, VoIP chat, and global positioning system software.

I get the cold hard truth that Mario sells more devices no matter how superior the tech specs are (explaining the $50 difference).

See, under dog competitors do have a few advantages. Sony will lose the console war, but PSP2 games will look so much better for $50 extra. I predict Sony is just deja-vu-ing last generation.

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