Friday, November 09, 2007

The Media Apocalyptic: over yet?

Anime sales are going down. (though I bought boxsets for $20, $30, and $40, best ones available.

Hollywood has slow DVD sales since mid-2009 Is it Mr. Movies or Netflicks that takes over? I think its second hand affect Hollywood personally.

In the age of cell phones or the Internet; audio cds, dvd walkie talkies have been taken to the grave. As far as videogames, there are three-four very essential titles annually. ut I'm 400+ games, so why not wait until new consoles come out? Why would games be worth it in the future. Rumor is they worsen in gameplay every generation.

I have heard rumors that Geforce/Radeon cards are no longer the favorite Xmas gift they used to be, because the latest PC games just require 512 MB of GDDR3 (RAM), and most people meet that benchmark (same amount as Xbox 360 that's why). These 512 MB video cards are only $100 (I spend 5x that amount)!

If you can't spend money on media, that leaves only the requirements for staying alive (we all knew that part). Ipods are a waste of money, because Android is price friendly. Everybody has a PC, why not rely on DSL. 3G/4G charges are expensive.

There is nothing out there practically, and that is a huge problem. Gamespot and game forums are one of the few ways to go besides golf, RVing, game tickets. Since the game forums are foreign like UK, they're pro-liberal and they wonder what's wrong with us? The media dumbs down on purpose, I blame all three liberals/socialists/marxist in the world for this (their specialty)!

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