Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Playing Torchlight: becos I'm casual now

Runic Games is a post-Flagship Studios developer that made Hellgate London. Like the PC game FATE from 2005 (which I haven't played yet), it is cloning Diablo II hack and slash gameplay. If the best Diablo 2 clone was Dungeon Siege 2, Torchlight is in the top 5. I'm level 20. The $8 game comes with the 1.15 patch if you would rather not download 450 MB patch.

Geforce GTX 280 screenshot, 6 GB of RAM, C2Q Q9550.

I recommend it to any mainstream RPG Fan whose lost their hardcoreness, yet became Wii casual in preference. I am also playing Vanquish on PS3 and gotten 10 hours into the adventure. It's fun. I kick a lot of butt in it


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