Saturday, May 29, 2010

modding attempts successful.

You might have known that I have most of the Cave Shoot em ups for PS2, but I play it in a emulator called PCSX2 and SSF which in itself is clever piece of coding. Now I finally have the know-how, comprehension to mod two consoles, the Sega Saturn and PS2, because the chips are plug and play. I don't think I get kudos/karma for this, but who knows! This is the fourth hit on google.

^That's a DMS4 plug-and-play modchip (state-of-the-art). When it dies, the modchip is recyclable

Sega Saturn chip.

And I also bought one Memor 32 modchip "firmware modified" memory card, so if I plug it in than I can read all the CDRs and DVDrs for PS and PS2 similar to a modchip. It's soldierless. That's even better than the DMS4. This is so much more less hassle than the DMS4 and costs $5 less! Only $60 with tax!