Saturday, April 10, 2010

RIP: Facebook killed MSN

This protocol used to be very lively between 1999 - late 2007. I remember using this all the time, now there is little point. The college is using MSN as a network messenger. I did VoIP through this protocol. Now-a-days, nobody at Facebook (the true successor to MSN) wants to do Google talk. In the industry, VoIP already revolutionized years ago. AT home, in codec complexity only. I heard of War-crack (World of Warcraft), but facebook-crack! Never regressed to such a lowly site that keeps you cybered with Stockholm syndrome. Actually, I'm a freelancer from Mars, nobody knows me. Remember, I was cut off from a early adult age doomed to listen to Winamp while researching gamerankings all while finishing my associate degree. And that's average joe stuff. Many friends and family were going in the navy, I was absolutely right about enlisting in this branch. I purposely failed the navy SAT, because I realized what I got myself into in the middle of the test. Maybe it was a better decision, because now I get to go in network admin and computer forensics. And all my uncles and cousins, their parents are on Facebook and it's like social engineering. I read knew that the Jabber protocol is essentially facebook and that Empathy has the old facebook plug-in.

Always like this.

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