Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Update OS day Episode IV: Why not?

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OpenSuse 11.2 Milestone 7, KDE 4.3.1, Gnome 2.28.1 Linux kernel 2.6.31 RC9

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Puppy Linux 4.3 beta 3, Linux Kernel 2.6.30

Even I know about PS3 firmware ;) Cos I'm just that smart!

I thought why not?...the Linux apocalypse is over since Update OS day episode III earlier this year. Isn't KDE, 4.3.1 a looker! There are bugs, for example I had to install Nvidia drivers. I got Computer Garage to download me the latest Milestone for $15. The final version comes out Nov. 15. At last, GRUB has EXT4 support so the bootup process can be in EXT4. In Fedora 11 [since May], it used ancient EXT3 file system for bootup. I also have Gnome 2.28 installed. Episode V should be around November 15, 2009.

Some annoying bugs [for my reference]

* grub and bootsplash still use 11.1 artwork
* HAL may crash, leaving XOrg without keyboard and mouse (Bug #537452), work-around: update with 'hal' package from Base:System
* License information on install is displayed in German (Bug #533026)
* GNOME live system asks for root password to mount file system (Bug #537343), work-around: just "Cancel"
* GNOME YaST Control Center cannot be started (Bug #537470), work-around: zypper in yast2-qt;yast2 --qt
* The PackageKit permanently requires authentication (Bug #538353), work-around: just "Cancel"
* Intel 4965 wireless is completely broken (Bug #537112)

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