Sunday, July 19, 2009

US needs 100 more nuclear/hydrogen power plants before 2030!

United States needs to construct 100 new nuclear reactors by 2030 -- doubling the nation's current number of 104 plants -- if it is serious about slashing carbon emissions while still producing enough electricity to keep up with American needs. We haven’t built a nuclear power plant since 1977 and China is building a lot right now. One of primary driving forces, if not the primary force, of Americas GDP growth was cheap energy, something the communist state capitalist (socialist) Democrats are taking away from us! Remember 2 good jobs disappear as result of one green job in Spain and a further amount of national debt. You could apply the same money to nuclear power plants and they pay for themselves, because they’re producing a lot with so little material.

Now BIG BROTHER or the MESSIAH closed Yucca Mountain Nuclear storage construction which is supposed to be done in approximately 2020 if on time, BECAUSE HE IS ROTTEN TO THE BONE, maybe a little insane! Now, I’ll have very high energy costs for the rest of my life thanks to “THAT ONE”. So you see the craziness of the Democrat party? They screwed us, because they live a lie which is global warming. You know? Sunspots and Sun flares. They want the UN to have that IMF International Dollar? So they got what they wanted at the cost of making US a United Socialist States of America and downsizing our military spending for no clear logical reason except to make people vote for Labor Democrats or CPUSA Democrats more often. A solution to tens of thousands of tons of nuclear waste piling up at reactors across the country WAS YUCCA MOUNTAIN and Reprocessing of spent Uranium! IT was going to be completed by 2030 when we’re supposed to have 100 more plants built or have severe energy shortages and blackouts. I remember that the blackout in 2003 cut electricity for North East states USA, Pennsylvania, and Nova Scotia, from a simple UNIX error. Which community wants their electricity to cut out all the time!

Think of our solitary New Yorker on the Upper West Side as a 1,400-watt bulb that never sleeps—that’s the national per-capita average demand for electric power from homes, factories, businesses, the lot. Our average citizen burns about twice as bright at 4 pm in August, and a lot dimmer at 4 am in December; grown-ups burn more than kids, the rich more than the poor; but it all averages out: 14 floor lamps per person, lit round the clock. Convert this same number back into a utility’s supply-side jargon, and a million people need roughly 1.4 “gigs” of power—1.4 gigawatts (GW). Running at peak power, Entergy’s two nuclear units at Indian Point generate just under 2 GW. So just four Indian Points could take care of New York City’s 7-GW round-the-clock average. Six could handle its peak load of about 11.5 GW. And if we had all-electric engines, machines, and heaters out at the receiving end, another ten or so could power all the cars, ovens, furnaces—everything else in the city that oil or gas currently fuels.

Think later, build now. Use Stimulus money for building them. Nuclear or Hydrogen power plants pay for themselves! Then we have to pay for all the illegal immigrants who don’t pay for electricity costs, all 40+ million of them who come in here. I rather have hydrogen power plants over nuclear power plants, because it’s more bang for the buck. You know fusion has much greater output than fission. Our population raises 2 million every year, and our current nuclear output on the power grid is 19.4. It would sustain that much. I’m afraid the green power plants won’t either. I don’t think we have time to wait for ITER based hydrogen power plants to be perfected. I could be wrong, but I fear Congressmen/women are pending way to long than our safety net with allow. It could be a catosphery. In other counties both liberal, conservatives, and socialists all support nuclear power? There is something wrong with the Democrats, of course they’re insane, but retarded too? God help us. The movie “China Syndrome” with Robert Redford and Jane Fonda was 30 years ago, lets start a hydrogen economy revolution spark before history books say superpower falls due to nutty politics that refused to harness the atom for energy. We’re bankrupted right now, California is bankrupted due to the improper savings measures, the 49 states are paying for it soon enough. I just don’t want be the inevitable domino effect. This is the only way to get back onto a more common sense road.
The Labor Party of Australia would never decline building fossil fuel power plants for its citizens. They’re not stupid you know. If Big Brother was trying to copy Kevin Rudd some ways, why resist that simple aspect of it? No Cap and trade (BTU tax) regime makes any sense either (ie: Bankrupts fossil fuel power plants)! BTU is a hoax to depress us Americans! Say no to smiley face fascism!

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