Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Horizons probe searching for Nibiru

The New Horizons is a reconnaissance deep space probe launch in 01/2006 with a high-end 1 Gigapixel camera to do what Viking II did. It's primary task is to find the Saturn-sized planet Nibiru in the Kuiper belt. It's secondary mission is to take first close up of Pluto so they can put those pics in textbooks and Wikipedia by 2015. It carries a radiation reactor (supposendly there are infinite atoms floating in space to split). Also it comes with a repeater module to relay the signal back to Earth once near out of range. The reactor can last 35-40 years as it is simular to other Generation III+ nuclear reactors. Nibiru orbits around something gives off heat (ie a star not visable) with a different orbit so it might/might not have oyxgen and plant life.

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