Thursday, March 06, 2008

A little less excited then 8800 GTX launch, but I'm old

This is my dream GPU, and it will do DirectX 10.1 API graphics. Everybody at PS3forums are excited for this GPU, because it enhances graphics... By then there should be a DirectX 10.1 game that I want to play!

I'm waiting for christmas for two (1 my parents pay for, 1 I pay for), but I'll get excited for it regardless. This is because somebody will care that I got it like Randy! Then I can be state-of-the-art while my friends spend their money on cars, girlfriends, and stuff.

I'm playing Hellgate London now on the Hellcat. Runs silky smooth. I'm having trouble between school. It's pretty good except it just seems empty. I've spoiled myself with the best games for console EVER MADE so I put it into prospective.

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