Friday, October 19, 2007


Latest and Greatest basement progress.

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Can you think of better music?

Fucking foreign nationals say this war is endless which isn't true. It's like Rock Concerts where the singer says false thing to raise hype. Democrats are "Hyping"

I say if we're in Iraq/War for 4 more years fighting terrorists - might as well just nuke our enemy's nuke faculties to end this endless war. The cleanup is probably as expensive as funding longer war. We're a superpower...we can't be assed about war for 9 yrs, because we have nuclear weapons and can't use them. B2 Spirits will just nuke the nuclear facilities and take the consequences in my opinion, because no one is helping us "win it" and "the democrats are saying this war is endless.

Nuking Iran/Iraq should make them shut the fuck up.

lock the democrats out of congress so they can't override foolish anti-war damnation. These are the same democrats that opposed the Vietnam war (yet older) and WE WERE WINNING EVERY FIGHT THERE. They listened to British Beatles (which are British and anti-war), did barn parties, were bums, and drugged up. Same guys who think maraquana should to be legalized. We got the best military money can buy. Democrats don't understand. We got 12 of the largest capital ships in the world and nuclear weapons, and 22 B2 Spirits and the #1 economy that is exactly as strong as the whole EU economy. We're just going to have to go back to Iran 10 yrs later. I pwned you. Without winning wars...all that money the military has vanishes and we can't have China's military superior to ours. It's inevibal China is going to have a larger economy and they're Asian. Whose going to be a counter-superpower of China if they're a superpower? Nobody except USA!

Turkey can have Iraq while US armed forces invade Iran! Turkey looks like they have good sized army and the only European country to use our helicopters (Black Hawk). Anybody who can drive terrorists insane is a good thing. Why would they hurt the situation...they're a part of NATO too.

Who cares about civilian deaths? I mean in Vietnam and Korean nobody gave a damn. All of a's not politically right to do collateral damage. Thinking it's a scheme so European Union can pull ahead with your advancing military technology. For example, in Battlefield 2142, European Union Armed Forces basically mirrored US Armed Forces when they had a chance of super power (no USA, frozen over) and no doubt EU did collateral damage in that game. It was made by the Cannooks too.

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