Thursday, January 25, 2007

Improved PS2 experience & my 2nd X360

Since I am comfortable with version 1.3 after figuring out there is no need to upgrade. It shall be noted that Sony fixed the picture quality of PS2 games on PS3 in the newest firmware update (v1.5) so it looks exactly like a PS2 game running on PS2. Minor updates are you can also delete any backup file and ability to swap credit cards or debit cards before downloading PS games onto HDD. I use PS2 to play Final Fantasy 12 because memory cards aren't compatible with PS3 w/o buying expensive accessory/converter. Remember I'm jobless.

Also I had a grounding issue with teh Xbox 360 this week and had to use my warrentee to get a new one /w only $35 spent. It happened the last time my cousin david came over to play Need for Speed Most Wanted on Xbox 360, and I powered it without video cable. It started powering off every 5 minutes so my new one works fine.

My job status is a little rough, I called all three Game Stops in my area asking for employment currently. I sorta want to work at a game store so i can add a few more games to my collection. Looking at Rogue Galaxy and Ar tonelico (unless it is really a 6.8 out of 10). I logged onto Minnesota Job Bank website and summited three positions at Keystone Computer Solutions to my job coach. I haven't checked Hi Score (game store) in Stillwater yet.

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