Saturday, June 17, 2006

Two Good ones for one bad one

Despite supporting a multimedia monopoly, MS Xbox 360 is $299 /w 20 gig drive in time for PS3. You got most of the ports of PS3 with this deal. The hardware quality of the PS3 can be average breaking every 14 months.

1 Teraflop (360) vs. 1.8 Teraflop (PS3) isn't that much of difference. Even the grass in Madden NFL 07 for PS3 won't be the driving force of buying one. Resistence: Fall of Man will be cool and a high seller, but you can't tell the difference on a 720p HDTV in most games.

PS3 is a decent buy at $299 because of Cell's power and how games in 2008 could look awesome on it.

Gamers don't want to spend that much. But look what happened 2 yrs ago....those diehard Xbox gamers also bought a PS2 to play some of the best games. Half of them claimed selling their PS2 because it's old and games sucks or whatever. Games don't suck on PS2 though.

Unfortunately, PS3 isn't PS2. It may be overrated because it has MGS4 and Final Fantasy 13. Sure Forza Motorsport 2 can kick ass and out do Gran Turismo 4 in game play. Out doing in gfx and sound is obvious.

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