Friday, March 10, 2006

Played Battlefield 2 | converted mp3 to WMA10 for mp3 player | taking testing to get into a college

Yesterday, I bought Grandia 3 and Onimusha Dawn of Dreams for $95. Originally I thought of purchasing Onimusha Dawn of Dreams. Thought it was more fun buying 2 games. I looked on Gamerankings and Onimusha had 90% at Gamespot and Grandia III had 77% at Gamespot.

Playstation 3 is coming out after this October, but before January in the United States. Launch titles are still unannounced. I don’t expect to walk in at midnight and expect to purchase one. I may be at Minnesota Life College (if accepted) when it comes out so I can’t get one. It’s up to my parents to get it as my Xmas present. Otherwise I’ll ask for quad-core Athlon 64 with compatible motherboard…Something tells me that 4 cores are better than just 2 cores. I spend countless hours on my PC.

I guess I lost some concept of buying used games because I always buy new games which can be twice as expensive. The solution is to stop buying games when they come out. In my head when I go places in the XJ I always buy games at full price. I understand that.

Since 3 days ago I haven’t played a game since Diablo 2. I haven’t played many of my newer PS2 and Xbox purchases. Doom 3 and Far Cry Instincts were fun games, but I didn’t finish them for reasons unknown. My attention span got unusually short! It doesn’t feel the same as 8 yrs ago when I played Goldeneye.

Plus I was curious what WMA10 would sound like so I encoded 880 songs in the format plus it works with Zen Touch. So I did.

Here is Battlefield 2 running on my PC. This isn’t DirectX10 games (better looking games) that require Vista to run. Looks nice… I don’t move stealth like so I die quickly. I have to learn to move stealthy.

Battlefield2 pic 1

Battlefield2 pic 1

(somewhere in the same level)

Battlefield 2 3
(US Army Apache in distance)

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