Monday, November 04, 2002

CastleVania : Symphony of the Night


Graphics - 10.0 The graphics in this game features the best 2D graphics ever on Playstation in my opinion. Better then Street Fighter III Alpha. These graphics are more detailed then most 16-bit side scrolling games. These graphics are really 32-bit. Special affects range from a varity of magic. Backgrounds are that of an mid-evil castle in the 17th century. You play a vampire slayer.

Control - 8.0 In times like these I think of Golden Axe or Castlevania Bloodlines on the Sega Genesis . The control is percise. But only the game player can time himself correctly because timing is everything. If this game had a difficulty from 1 through 10, I would rate this game a 6. Five is average and 6 is a little more difficult then the average videogame. All enemies have counter attack mechanisms. I hate that. But to the true Castlevania fan, it makes things that much more challeging. With that, dispite my level of ability, I like the control in this game. It's solid.

Sound - 9.0 - excellent music. Sound effects are good. Music sounds gothic, but reminds me of Mozart when playing this game.

Fun Factor - 8.0 - Gee, I don't really know. All I know is that it is the best 2D action side-scroller for Playstation. I'm not crazy about this game. Partly because the graphics are out-dated. I get a kick out of slicing and dicing enemies mercifully. Some of the ememies have a cheesy look to them. This game has a varity of magic to use. But it takes more time to find the spell recipes then I would of liked. I hope I'm not finding recipes all the time. I enjoy going through the game and beating the bosses. Komani did something right when they put out save portals everywhere. That was needed.

Closing Comments - If I had favorite Playstation game, this would be one of them. I have been a big dungeon and dragons, hack 'n slash rpg fan for 5 years now, ever since Diablo. This game almost makes me want to buy Castlevania Chronicles, almost. I have better ways to spend my money, but I say that this game was a good investment at 30 dollars. (article posted April 20, 2003)

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